Our prices

Our prices are based on an average size property having one reception room, one bathroom and one kitchen. Additional areas such as reception rooms, ensuites, utility rooms, garages, roof terraces, gardens etc. will be charged at £10 each for furnished and £8 each for unfurnished properties.


For properties with large room sizes and maybe set over a number of floors we charge an additional 20% on top of the charges published.

A surcharge of 20% will be added for heavily furnished properties; this applies to where there is more furniture, crockery and utensils than is necessary for the maximum number of people occupying the property and at checkout when the property is not left to the standard that it was at the check-in.

Where keys have to be collected and dropped back to an agent this is included providing that the property is within a 10 minute walk. For additional distance a fee of £10 will be added to the invoice for both collection and returning of the keys. An additional £50 will be charged for an assignment carried out on a Saturday, Sunday or a Bank Holiday.


Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours notice to cancel an assignment Monday to Friday and 48 hours for assignments arranged for Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays, otherwise a charge of £50.00 will be made. 

If the assignment is cancelled or aborted on the day, 75% of the fee will be charged.

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